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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

 This was our backyard (well, actually, this shot is mostly our neighbors' backyard) Monday evening before the hurricane hit.
 This was our backyard on Tuesday morning. In particular, a sweet gum tree dropped some big branches, and lots and lots of gumballs.
Thank goodness, the big old oak stayed strong, but we had quite a few branches down, so we started clean-up right away.
 The kids helped out, but Grandpa and Grandma did a lot of the work.
 Patrick loaded branches into the wagon.

 They thought it was great to climb on branches that a day ago were so high they could never have reached them.

We had some roof damage - shingles everywhere.

Our neighbor Mrs. Pagnetti's tree split during the last hurricane, and this time split for good. It was cut down today.

It took down the cable and power lines for our street.

A couple of days after the hurricane, we went for a walk around the neighborhood.
Power lines and trees were just down everywhere - a lot of big, old trees.

 Someone added a Halloween theme to the downed tree in their front yard. Have to make the best of it, since there was no trick-or-treating this year.
 This tree is awkwardly leaning without leaning ON anything.
 This is another shot of the same tree. Maybe it is suspended on a power line; I'm not sure.
 Some of these trees had significant root systems. And, as you can see above, many sidewalks were uprooted with the trees.
This is just a couple of minutes from our house, literally around the corner. Both of these houses were hit, but I don't think either sustained structural damage.
This house is probably the worst in our borough. The tree took off the front porch (I think), and you can see into their living room. There is even a branch still balancing on the rooftop.
Then, to add insult to injury, the same tree also crushed this car.

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Joann Winton said...

The damage brought by Superstorm Sandy was very extensive. I’m glad you’re safe there, and you got only minimal damage on the roof. If you’ve seen the aftermath of Sandy around New York and New Jersey, it was so horrifying. It destroyed thousands of houses and establishments. We are so lucky that we’re safe, too. #Joann Winton