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Monday, September 17, 2012

To the Top!

Just to back up the comment about Eva's climbing skills, here are some photos from the Cleveland Zoo this summer. Maia did a great job getting to the top of the rope structure. Eva got to the point where she was just a little too small to climb up on the ropes. So she shimmied up the pole instead. The older kids there were a little taken aback at the ease with which she made it to the top.

 Above is Maia already at the top, and Eva climbing up the pole.
 Here Eva is still climbing up the pole.
 Here she's at the top, and this photo gives more perspective on how high the rope structure is. Note the older kids looking up at her in shock.
 Here are the girls starting to come down.
And here is Patrick dreaming about next year, when he'll be up at the top, too.

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