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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Poetry in Motion

If the flitting, fluttering, and floating about of butterflies has been much topic for poetry and music, then so also should the flitting, fluttering, and floating about of the children who are trying to catch butterflies. I'm not so great at writing poetry or music, so I can only here mention the joy that I've experienced in watching my three kids end their summer by jumping about in the neighbors' flowers as they captured butterflies for their butterfly cage.

The proficiency in catching butterflies and securing them in the butterfly cage unsurprisingly began with our eldest, but has moved on down the line. Recently while Maia was at school, Eva and Patrick managed to catch seven butterflies between them (five and two respectively). This is great improvement especially for Patrick, who, in his early attempts went for the bees rather than butterflies, since they were slower and easier to catch (not to mention there are about 10 bees for every one butterfly). Two subsequent bee stings fortunately convinced him to seek a higher prize, and since then he has greatly improved in catching butterflies, although he is still working on transporting them to the cage.

The little orange and brown butterflies are no great challenge, but the true goal is always a "vanilla bean" butterfly - the rarer, faster, more astute, cream-colored butterflies that will even fly across the street to avoid capture. On the day that Eva and Patrick had caught their seven, Maia's first task upon coming home was to add to the collection a yellow-tinted "vanilla bean." It only took her a matter of minutes.

 Despite my concern about the large bee population in the neighbors' flowers, I have been grateful for the almost endless entertainment provided by the butterflies. Indeed, who needs a television when you have a butterfly cage and ample butterflies for a catch and release program?

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