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Thursday, May 3, 2012


I think we may have hit on something Patrick likes even more than worms: snakes! His father, who once dreamed of becoming a herpetologist, saw fit to entertain him one day by showing him the following videos:

He was so excited after seeing these, that he ran around the house shouting "'nake! 'nake! 'nake! 'nake!" just like in the first video.

We reinforced the snake interest by a trip to the zoo the following day, with the first stop (of course...Dad always chooses this as our first stop) being the reptile house. Wow. Pax was in snake heaven, looking at tree snakes, big snakes, little snakes, whatever snakes there were.

He can't actually carry on real conversations yet, but the next day, Patrick's choice of conversation topic was evident when we headed out on a shopping trip. From the back of the van:

P: "'Nake!!!"
TM: "Right, you like snakes, don't you?"
P: "Yeah."
(a few seconds later)
P: "'Nake! 'Nake! 'Nake!"
TM: "Did you enjoy seeing the snakes at the zoo?"
P: "Yeah."
(a few seconds later)
P: "'NAKE!!!"
TM: "So would you like to see the snakes again?"
P: "Yeah."
Later, upon spotting a bird, P says, "Deee," which is Patrick language for "bird." (He can't say the "b" sound yet).
TM: "Patrick, do you like birds or snakes better?"
P: "'Nake!"

While shopping, Patrick again kept bringing up snakes, with Eva and I trying to carry on the conversation to entertain him with thoughts of snakes.

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