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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Maia turned six in April, and now that she's so grown up, it seemed appropriate that she finally be able to attend her first Broadway show. So with help from Uncle John Mark, one of her birthday gifts this year was tickets for her and Mom to Mary Poppins on Broadway! I planned on us taking the bus into the city, since it goes direct and ends on the same street as New Amsterdam Theater. Maia, however, insisted on taking the train, which is just way cooler than the bus, apparently. The above picture is at our local station before leaving.
We had lunch in the city, but then I couldn't interest Maia in trying to do anything else. She just wanted to go into the theater and wait (an hour early!) for our matinee showing. I took the above photo across the street from the theater. Partly why she wanted to go in was that "The city is just SOOO crowded!" And it really was elbow-to-elbow people for our whole trip, beginning at Penn Station and all the way down to Ripley's Odditorium and the wax museum.

So we went into the theater building, bought her souvenir t-shirt with complimentary tote bag (thanks Grandpa Bob and Grandma Kathy!), and then sat outside the theater doors, waiting for them to open. Finally, they did open, and we found our seats and picked up reading the last American Girls Cecile book, which we finished on the train ride home.

We both loved the show. The sets were fantastic, the acting was great, and the "special effects" or whatever you call Mary flying through the sky and Bert tap-dancing on the ceiling, were really amazing. Maia was just beaming for the whole three hours! And we were both singing SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS on the way out...along with most of the audience!

 We had a smooth train ride home, and Jeff met us at the station. We were just in time for dinner. 
On Monday, Maia and her good friend Julia, who saw the show a couple of months ago, wore their matching shirts to school. Maia's ready for her next Broadway show - Lion King, anyone?

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