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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Lady of the Teeth?

After four days of loose-tooth drama, Maia finally lost her first tooth, to the joy and excitement of the entire family. After I sent out a text to family members, Maia carried my cellphone around, waiting for the congratulations to roll in. Tia Claire was the first to call, and so she got an ear-full about the excitement. And of course, what everyone wants to know is... will the Tooth Fairy come? Maia cheerfully explained to Tia Claire that there's no Tooth Fairy, but rather a "Tooth Mary." We heard this once from someone who was explaining what her Catholic friends had done in order to avoid persuading their kids to believe in the traditional TF. Apparently Maia has heard us laughing about it enough to think that "Tooth Mary" is what we're doing instead of "Tooth Fairy."

I think it's fair to say that Jeff and I hadn't really talked it over, but now that Maia is convinced she'll get some coins in honor of the "Tooth Mary," or "Our Lady of the Teeth," I feel obliged. It's not so strange, really, is it? After all, the BVM no doubt was with her son throughout the losing of his 20 baby teeth too. And in honor of this rite of passage, under her patronage, there will be a tooth-for-money exchange sometime tonight.
We went up to the storage room and dug up my "childhood memory box" (Thanks, Mom!) because I was fairly certain my old Tooth Fairy pillow was in there. We found it! Maia tucked her tooth safely in the giraffe pocket and put it on her bedside stand. Does anyone know the going rate for the "Tooth Mary"?

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