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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eva's "Private Speech"

"Private speech" is what it's called when kids make up little stories to themselves, often using figurines or dolls or whatever. Although sometimes these moments seem silly, research shows that good private speech is an important indicator of success in school. Anyway, here's a window into a moment of Eva's private speech that I caught.

The setting is the kitchen, and the figurine she was playing with was a plastic statue of St. Anthony of Padua where he is holding the Christ child.

JC: I would like to go for a walk.
St.A: OK, but you should ask your mom. (St. Anthony slides over to a candle of La Virgen de Guadalupe so that Jesus can ask his mom if he can go for a walk with St. Anthony.)
JC: She said I can go.
(St. Anthony looks down at his feet)
St.A: Oh, but I'm not wearing any shoes!
JC: That's OK. You don't need shoes. Let's go!

And I think St. Anthony did take the Christ child on a little stroll.

A few days later, Eva was playing with the Fisher Price Nativity Set. I noticed that all three camels, the cow, the donkey, and goats were all lined up, so I asked Eva why that was so. Her response: "Well, they were going to get their picture taken for the wedding, but the bride and the groom are not there yet."

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