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Monday, December 19, 2011

Eva at 3!

Ah, the middle child gets so neglected and forgotten... So here, one week later, are some photos from Eva's birthday party and the day of her birthday. Eva wanted a "flower party," I think inspired by the cakes she sees at Costco with their pretty flowers. But of course, I never buy cakes, I always make them. For this party I had my first attempt at cake pops. "Gluing" on those "petals" (pink Jelly Bellys) was TOUGH. I could definitely do them better if I did them again (in fact, I have made cake pops again since, and they were better).

 What do you do at a "flower" party? Well, I had picked up some vases at a rummage sale (about 10 cents each). Then I bought several different bouquets at Trader Joe's on the day of the party. The girls chose ribbons to put around the vases, chose flowers from the various bouquets, trimmed the stems, made their own new flower arrangements, filled their vases with water and flower food, and voila! The girls all had a great time making bouquets.
 We sang to Eva, who had two layer cake, one layer strawberry, one layer lemon with strawberry jam icing inside and lemon buttercream outside - and don't forget the flowers to decorate it!
 She'd been practicing blowing out our Advent candles each night (usually without permission!), so she was ready to go for the big moment. What a fun age 3 is! She enjoyed every moment of the party.
 Then, a few days later, on her actual birthday, she came down to this pile of gifts. Her big gifts this year were a scooter and a mini-trampoline (both from grandparents), both of which have already gotten lots of use. She also got a nice set of princess boots that light up as well as some rain boots with a matching umbrella. Daddy picked her up some helium birthday balloons that completed the set of gifts. What joy! We had an Oreo/pudding dessert on her birthday.
So far, Eva is a pretty good 3 year old. She's still under 30 pounds but LOTS of fun!

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