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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rash Patterns

One day last week I was helping Maia with her homework, identifying picture patterns like heart-star-heart-star-heart-star, etc. She had just come home from her friend Julia's house, and she had some silver rhinestone nail stickers on her forehead. But this detail is just background for the dream I had that night.

I dreamed that my kids had a medical problem, and, per the usual, I called my good friend Carla, who is also Patrick's godmother, and who (praise God!) is a pediatrician. So here's the dream:

TM: All three kids have rashes, and I'm wondering what I should do.
C: Where is it located?
TM: It's on their bellies. Gosh, I wonder if it's something they ate?
C: Can you describe it for me? What does it look like?
TM: Sure, it's a pattern.
C: What kind of a pattern?
TM: It goes circle-circle-square-square-circle-circle-square-square.
C (completely unphased): And is it raised at all?
TM: Yes, it looks a little like, well, like rhinestones.

I can't remember if she was able to identify the rash based on that info, but if she wasn't it's certainly no reflection on her skill as a doctor!

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