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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Post-Hurricane Surprise

We were so happy that we made it through Hurricane Irene without any major damage. So you might imagine our surprise on Wednesday morning when Jeff opened the kitchen shade to see this in our back yard:

At first, he thought one of our trees had fallen in the back. But closer investigation revealed it was *merely* a branch off a neighbor's tree.

 It took out our shed and the fence next to the shed.
 The only thing damaged within the shed was that rake!
 The above photo proves that this was a branch and not an entire tree.

 Here's the inside of the shed.
 Maia thought it was fantastic to climb on a tree branch she never could have reached were it still on the tree.
 And here's the tree that dropped the branch, although you probably can't see the break-off point because of the lighting.
The girls are enjoying it while it lasts. For hubby and I, it's an annoying homeowner's problem. I have to admit I've been wanting a new shed, since the one we had was ancient. But on the other hand, insurance-calling, tree removal, and shed-building are now several more things to do on an extensive to-do list.

Mostly, we just feel blessed that we weren't outside when the branch fell. As you may be able to tell in the above picture, the weight of the branch and the saturation of the ground combined to make the branch implant about a foot below the surface. Had I and the three kids been playing in the backyard at the time, we'd have been goners for sure, since this is the part of the yard where we are usually located. But thanks to Tropical Storm Lee's extensive rain, we were stuck indoors, praise God!

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