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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Name Practice

Now that Maia is in kindergarten, it's always fun to check her backpack when she gets home from school. I look in her folder and see what she's done that day, or what she needs to do (yes, she has homework),  and I get lots of notes from the PTA as well.

 Just recently she came home from school with this "Name Practice" sheet. No doubt the teacher had in mind that she practice writing M-a-i-a, capital M, lower case aia. But apparently Maia thought such an exercise would be boring and silly. So she did her own interpretation of "practicing" writing her  name. Line #1: capital block letters (with some numbers to boot). Line #2: curly capital letters, and the beginning of the alphabet in caps. Line #3: castle letters, followed by some shape-drawing. Line #4: heart-star pattern, and don't forget the ice cream cone. Line #5: connected letters. Wow, I bet she was the only student who practiced so creatively.
Perfectly in keeping with her personality, I might mention. When Maia is assigned a task she finds uninteresting, she either does it as quickly as possible so she can get onto the next task, or she manages to make the task interesting somehow. Maybe I should add some castle letters to my dissertation...

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