"You will be a better mom because you are a theologian, and a better theologian because you are a mom."

Is it true? In this blog, I explore the interplay and intersection of motherhood and theologianhood.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Park Professional

A trip to the park with Eva often results in various surprised - and sometimes horrified - looks from the adults at the park (mainly it seems to be the grandmothers who look horrified... and sometimes they even throw in a concerned comment to me, passive agressively indicating that I don't adequately assure for my daughter's safety.) Is it that surprising that a not-yet three year old's favorite park past time is scaling every pole in sight?

Untitled from Theologian Mom on Vimeo.

And is there anything wrong with Eva wanting to swing as high as I can possibly push her?

Name Practice

Now that Maia is in kindergarten, it's always fun to check her backpack when she gets home from school. I look in her folder and see what she's done that day, or what she needs to do (yes, she has homework),  and I get lots of notes from the PTA as well.

 Just recently she came home from school with this "Name Practice" sheet. No doubt the teacher had in mind that she practice writing M-a-i-a, capital M, lower case aia. But apparently Maia thought such an exercise would be boring and silly. So she did her own interpretation of "practicing" writing her  name. Line #1: capital block letters (with some numbers to boot). Line #2: curly capital letters, and the beginning of the alphabet in caps. Line #3: castle letters, followed by some shape-drawing. Line #4: heart-star pattern, and don't forget the ice cream cone. Line #5: connected letters. Wow, I bet she was the only student who practiced so creatively.
Perfectly in keeping with her personality, I might mention. When Maia is assigned a task she finds uninteresting, she either does it as quickly as possible so she can get onto the next task, or she manages to make the task interesting somehow. Maybe I should add some castle letters to my dissertation...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Football Season Begins...

In the midst of all the other things going on, like Jeff being gone on a week-long retreat, hurricane-fighting, my parents visiting, and Jeff starting school, I had a wonderful surprise when I realized on Friday that football season started the next day! I got all the kids geared up in their ND shirts.

It's always so easy to smile BEFORE the game begins, isn't it? I'm glad I snapped these photos prior to the disastrous opening drive and all that eventually followed, including the two severe weather delays.


 Do you see that great big smile on Maia's face? This was how she looked in the moments before heading to her first day of school. Not a nervous, sad, or scared bone in her body. Pure joy, like she just could NOT wait to get to school and be relieved of the boredom of summer. If she had cried, I would have cried because I've been sentimental about my baby going off to school (thank goodness it's only half-day kindergarten). She had a great first day, too, although a half-day of half-day kindergarten is only a couple of hours.
 You can see her bookbag is loaded down with lots of school supplies... like baby wipes, kleenex, and an art smock! Ah, kindergarten!
When asked how school was after her first session ended, Maia said, "Well, we didn't really do very much. Just color, listen to a story, and have a snack." But she seemed happy anyway.

Post-Hurricane Surprise

We were so happy that we made it through Hurricane Irene without any major damage. So you might imagine our surprise on Wednesday morning when Jeff opened the kitchen shade to see this in our back yard:

At first, he thought one of our trees had fallen in the back. But closer investigation revealed it was *merely* a branch off a neighbor's tree.

 It took out our shed and the fence next to the shed.
 The only thing damaged within the shed was that rake!
 The above photo proves that this was a branch and not an entire tree.

 Here's the inside of the shed.
 Maia thought it was fantastic to climb on a tree branch she never could have reached were it still on the tree.
 And here's the tree that dropped the branch, although you probably can't see the break-off point because of the lighting.
The girls are enjoying it while it lasts. For hubby and I, it's an annoying homeowner's problem. I have to admit I've been wanting a new shed, since the one we had was ancient. But on the other hand, insurance-calling, tree removal, and shed-building are now several more things to do on an extensive to-do list.

Mostly, we just feel blessed that we weren't outside when the branch fell. As you may be able to tell in the above picture, the weight of the branch and the saturation of the ground combined to make the branch implant about a foot below the surface. Had I and the three kids been playing in the backyard at the time, we'd have been goners for sure, since this is the part of the yard where we are usually located. But thanks to Tropical Storm Lee's extensive rain, we were stuck indoors, praise God!

Kids and Mass

Lots of low points, but we'll stick to the highlights of taking the kids to Mass:

Patrick: Waves to the statue of Mary as we pass by before entering the church.
Maia: Finally says all the responses and prayers!
Eva: One day, as Fr. Jim walked from the confessional to the sacristy in his cassock, Eva exclaimed, "There's Fr. Jim! And he's wearing his nightgown!!!!" When we told him about it later, Fr. Jim explained, "No, Eva, that's my day-gown!" Now Eva loves to call the cassock a nightgown because she knows she'll get a giggle from the folks around her.