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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene

We survived, and actually, Irene was not too bad for us. Our neighbor had a generator, and he put an extension cord through our window so we could keep our fridge, Internet and a couple of lamps running for the twelve hours that we were without power. (Many people in our area still don't  have power, including the church!) Here's the shot of the extension cord through the window:

Here are a couple of pictures of our street the night before the storm hit.

And here's the street with the flooding.
Here's a little farther west down our street, about 200 ft or so from our house. The water here was about two feet deep, but receded quickly.

It wasn't too windy, so Maia and Eva got a chance to wade in the water. That's Maia standing in our driveway.
Eva was proud of herself for rescuing this worm. But then she put it back down in the water, so it was a short-lived rescue.
Here's our backyard, the night before the storm:
And here it is as a swamp (sorry it's blurry, the camera wanted to focus on the rain, but couldn't). Happy to say the big old oak in the neighbor's yard survived.

Here's some tree damage across the street from us:

Perhaps it was because it was the "eye" of the storm that the sun surprisingly made an appearance.

Our neighbor Anna helped out so the girls weren't swept away by the current!
There is a lot of clean-up underway, but it is a lovely sunny day in the low 80s here. Our boro made out OK overall. The boro next to us has a river that flooded out basically every house near it, even imploding three basements. Our household guardian angel did a great job holding the chimney up, keeping the trees rooted, and keeping water out of the basement! 

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