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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Sisterly Haircut

Notice anything new about Eva? Yes, she now has bangs, thanks to her sister's handiwork. I know there's no use complaining because pretty much everyone has a story about how they/their kids/their friends/etc. cut someone's hair. Nonetheless, I was not too happy about this unapproved, unsupervised hair cut, especially since Eva was due for her first professional haircut and a photo shoot next month. The very short bangs were initially at an unusual 45 degree angle, but I had my neighbor (a hairstylist) come over and fix Eva's bangs as best she could.

Of course, Maia lost her scissors as a consequence of the act, and she has yet to get them back. She keeps asking, when, and I keep saying once Eva's bangs are all the way grown out again. I'm not sure I'll stick to that, but we will see. A few days after the unhappy event, Maia and I had this conversation:

M: "So, Mom, I noticed that you moved your kitchen scissors."
TM: "Yes, I thought I'd better put them out of your reach now that you're on scissors probation. I wouldn't want you to use mine while you're waiting to get your own back."
M: "Too bad. I guess now I'll have to use your office scissors."

Next time I was in my office, I put those out of her reach too.

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