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Friday, June 24, 2011

Kids' Ecumenical Conversations

It's always hard to say goodbye to a friend... this week Maia had to say goodbye to her good friend Quentin, who is moving to Texas. Quentin's dad has been working with The Relief Bus, providing meals to people in need in NYC. Now he'll be starting up a similar ministry down in Texas. Maia and Quentin first met at the park, and they hit it off right away, as did their moms who both went to college in Indiana and had moved to Jersey from Ohio.

Maia is still trying to figure out how all this religion stuff works. On the day we were taking Quentin to the beach with us, she suggested that his mom drop him off at our house in time to go to daily Mass with us. "I don't know if they'd like that," I said, "they're not Catholic, you know."

Later, on the way to the beach, I heard Maia saying to Quentin, "So you don't believe in Jesus?"

Quentin, whose family is Evangelical/Wesleyan, was taken aback, "Yes, I do! I believe in Jesus!"

Maia replied, "But you're not Catholic! And Grandpa and Nana are not Catholic and they don't believe in Jesus!"

Quentin showed his own five-year old understanding when he said, "I'm Christian! Everyone in the world who believes in God is Christian, you know!"

A few minutes later, they were both singing along to Veggie Tales' version of "Jesus is Just Alright with Me." Quentin's singing enthusiasm seemed to reflect his desire to prove that he really does believe in Jesus.

Untitled from Theologian Mom on Vimeo.

And a few hours later, after the trip to the beach, they were both asleep.

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