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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Little Miss Helpful is 2!

Yes, Miss Eva is now two years old! She's still small (weighing in at a mere 21 lbs.), but she's definitely changed since those old chubby cheeks days. Recently, Eva has been into being helpful. When we're getting ready to go somewhere, she brings me my shoes so I can put them on (even though I prefer to put them on right by the front door). Since it's been cold she's been bringing me my gloves, too. A few weeks ago, Maia spilled some milk on the table, and Eva got down from her chair, pulled a towel from the front of the kitchen stove, went back to the table, and wiped up the milk: "There you go, Maia," she said. Eva is also great at throwing away wrappers, orange peels, you name it. She doesn't mind cleaning up after herself.
(Above: Eva trying on her new sparkly shoes, courtesy of Granny Kathy and Grandpa Bob.)
And Eva really has figured out how things work around our house. She's got the routine down. A week or so ago, she even started putting her clothes in the hamper. One morning I spotted her nightgown, and I pulled it out because it didn't need to be washed and I knew she was going to want to wear it again that night.
(Above: Eva wanted a chocolate dog cake for her birthday - here it is.)
But when I went to pull the laundry out of the washer the next day, I had an unpleasant surprise. Eva had also put her night-time pull-up into the washer. While it was most likely dry and clean to start off with, nonetheless, it was of the disposable diaper sort and hence exploded all over the laundry with a nasty sort of gel stuff that was stuck to everything - including Jeff's work clothes. The pull-up itself was still kind of in tact and seemed to weigh about five pounds!
(Above: Uncle Eben lights the candles as Maia and neighbor Anna look on. Notice the chunk missing out of the dog's ear. Eva decided to sample the cake early, when I was on the treadmill out of reach.)
Anyway, happy birthday to Eva! Being the second child with a newborn baby brother, having a birthday so close to Christmas, and having a nasty cold on her birthday kind of put a damper on the celebration. But I think she's glad to be two anyway because she likes being helpful!

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