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Thursday, November 4, 2010

St. Baby Patrick

Eva is still getting used to having a little brother. She tries to be gentle, she really does, but it's just a little hard for someone her age (now 23 months). Sometimes I think she thinks of Patrick as a little animal - a puppy or something.

Over the weekend, my friend Carla was watching Patrick downstairs while Eva and I were putting away laundry upstairs. Patrick was asleep, so Carla put him in his carseat so she could go to the bathroom. She told me she had done it, and I thought I was watching Eva, but then Maia came into my bedroom and all of the sudden I heard Eva screaming from downstairs. I thought for sure she had injured herself very seriously, and, of course I was surprised because I didn't know she was downstairs in the first place. So I ran down the stairs, and the first thing I saw was the carseat... EMPTY. Eva was still screaming, and she was squealing "I hurt the baby Patrick!!!" I looked down, and Patrick was laying on his belly next to the dining room table, pretty much still asleep. I guess it was a close call. I've learned it's best to strap Patrick in, even if I'm going to be in the room... last week I decided to disassemble and reassemble the crib (out of the girls' room, since Eva can now get out of it, and back into our bedroom so it'll be ready for Patrick), and Eva managed to get Patrick out of the swing, even though he was secured by the closed tray.

Today I looked over to see Eva leaning over Patrick asleep in his carseat and blessing him "I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit," just like our parental blessings, which at night involve holy water. How sweet, I was thinking to myself. Then I wondered what was in Eva's other hand... a sippy cup of apple cider was the answer, and why did Patrick's head look so wet and sticky? Oh, she had blessed him with apple cider, of course. It became very clear when she started doing an aspersion with the apple cider. Well, more laundry.

We all think it's great that Patrick is named after St. Patrick. Patrick even got an awesome St. Patrick statue for his baptism. But Eva can't seem to keep the Patricks straight. She's started referring to Patrick as "St. Baby Patrick." Maybe that's an improvement from calling him "the Patrick."

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