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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Go, Dog, Go!

One of Jeff's and my first arguments as parents was in regards to whether or not the book Go, Dog, Go! has a plot. I think any sensible person who read this book would agree with me that it does not have a plot. Jeff, however, has always insisted that the book is a romance between two of the dogs. After not liking her hat at several different occasions, the penultimate pages have the male dog liking the female dog's party hat, and they drive off into the sunset together.

While we had family in town for Patrick's baptism, an account of our disagreement on this book arose and we ended up reading the book aloud over dinner. I should say Tia Carla read the book aloud because Jeff was convinced he could read it in such a way that the plot was emphasized, and I was convinced I could read it in such a way that it was clear there is absolutely no plot. Carla had never read the book, so she was the neutral party.

Following the reading, we took a vote as to whether or not it has a plot. The results were a clear male-female split. All males present (3) voted that it did have a plot (although Tio Kyle said it was not a romance, but the narrative of a pilgrimage where the climax is the dog party in the tree). All females present (4) voted that it did not have a plot.

What do my readers think?

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