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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chapel Time

Earler this week when I picked up Maia from nursery school, I noticed, per the notice board, that the kids had enjoyed some "chapel time" that day. I mentioned last year in my blog my concerns about Maia attending preschool at a Methodist church. To be clear, the school is not Methodist, but the school is a ministry of the Methodist church at which it is located. It's sort of generically Christian, if there is such a thing... what I mean is it's a kind of watered down, unspecific sort of Christianity that the kids are exposed to there.

Anyway, chapel time. So when I picked up Maia, the teacher told me that everyone was impressed with how Maia knew the names of items in the church, like "pew." On the way home Maia and I had a conversation about the church's interior, which I've actually never seen.

TM: So did the church look like ours?

M: It had pews like ours all lined up facing the front.

TM: Did it have an altar at the front?

M: Sort of.

TM: Was there an ambo - you know, the place where they read the Bible from?

M: They had something like that, but it was all the way at the back.

TM: Really? The back? That's funny. So was there a tabernacle?

M: Nope, no tabernacle.

TM: That's because they don't have Jesus there. (Pause as I consider what I just said...) What I mean is, they don't have Jesus present in the Eucharist inside the church, so that's why they don't have a tabernacle.

Later, at home, we renewed the conversation as Maia was coloring the coloring page of a church sent home with her from school.

TM: What's that you drew on the steeple of the church?

M: It's a cross. I think they forgot to put the cross on this church, so I added it for them.

TM: Pretty windows. Is that what they looked like in the church you saw today?

M: Well, the windows were stain glass, you know, like in our church, only they didn't have pictures on them.

TM: What, no pictures? You mean no saints?

M: No saints, Mom, and no angels either! Isn't that strange?

TM: What are you drawing on there now?

M: That's Mary. I'm drawing a statue of Mary on the top of their church because they didn't have any statues of her in their church.

TM: Nice job, Maia.

I think she did a pretty good job Catholicizing the picture.

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Heart and Hands said...

Hmm...seems like you can look for similarities or you can look for differences.