"You will be a better mom because you are a theologian, and a better theologian because you are a mom."

Is it true? In this blog, I explore the interplay and intersection of motherhood and theologianhood.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Smart Little Eva

I opened the closet to put away some clothes and found Eva's morning soymilk sippy cup in the bottom of the closet. So I took it out, thinking that I'd discovered it before it could get too gross and curdled (yes, it's true, spoiled soymilk is just as bad as spoiled cow's milk). To be precise, I should say that this was actually a sippy cup intended for Patrick. It had been in an unopened package in a drawer in the pantry until we ran into a desperate situation where none of the sippy cups were clean and we had to break into Patrick's sippies.

Anyway, I said, "Eva, can you take that downstairs?" But I was distracted by the laundry and not sure if she had taken it downstairs when we went. Later, I sort of had a vague memory of taking it downstairs myself. But, the point is, I couldn't find it anywhere, and I had the whole house (neighbor kids included) looking for it. Later that night, right before bed, Jeff was getting something out of the pantry when he noticed a drawer slightly opened, with the sippy cup in it.

Not only had Eva taken the sippy cup downstairs when I had asked her, she had also put it back in the appropriate drawer. Unfortunately by this time the soymilk was disgustingly curdled. Fortunately, Jeff cleaned it.

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