"You will be a better mom because you are a theologian, and a better theologian because you are a mom."

Is it true? In this blog, I explore the interplay and intersection of motherhood and theologianhood.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Role Playing

It's been very fun to watch Eva play lately. Well, I mean, it's always been fun... but recently her imagination and role playing has gone to new levels. In the picture above, you can see what I mean. Eva has baby Anna in a bib in her her own booster and is giving her some milk. This was pretty cute, and much better than when she fed Piglet the remainder of her tomato soup. That resulted in a spin in the washer for poor little Piglet.

About a week ago, we were coming home from Mass when Eva decided it was time for Piglet to take a nap. She cradled Piglet close to her chest and shushed him while gently rocking her back and forth (as much as one can do when strapped into a carseat). This made Maia really upset. "Piglet is not a baby!!!! Anyone who has read Pooh knows that Piglet is a grown up!!! You can't put Piglet to sleep!" And Maia started kicking Eva's carseat as if to prevent Piglet from dozing off. We told Maia just to let Eva pretend... Maia was not happy about it though, and continued to insist that Piglet was not a baby.

A couple of days later, Eva wanted the crucifix down from the wall, presumably so she could kiss it (a favorite activity of the girls, especially if they can fight over it, but yowzers does it hurt to get hit by that crucifix!). So Maia gave Jesus a kiss, Eva gave Jesus a kiss, and then, wouldn't you know it, Eva started cradling the crucifix and shushing Jesus to sleep, just like she had done with Piglet. That was just a little too much for me, and I put it back up on the wall shortly thereafter.

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