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Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet the Author: Maia

One of Maia's new favorite things to do is to write books. It sounds great, doesn't it? Oh, wait, except that she doesn't know how to write. That is, she can write her name, her sister's name, Mom, Dad, and that kind of stuff, but she doesn't know how to write complete sentences. So she's always grabbing Jeff or me and trying to dictate her stories to us - unfortunately, it's always at the most inconvenient moments, like when I'm chopping onions, or when Jeff is about to shower.

But tonight before dinner, she got a few moments with Dad and had him write down the story to go with her illustrations. I haven't taken a photo of the illustrations, but here's the story:

"First of all, Jesus was born. Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus helped the poor. Jesus also helped a blind man. When we go to Church, we eat Jesus." That's page one.

Now, onto page two, illustrated by some hills, a castle perhaps and a sunflower? With a dark bluish purple sky. "This was the night Jesus was born. He grew up to help everyone. He died and rose again from the dead. He went to heaven, and we eat Him at Church. In the Eucharist. Here's a song (note, they've been reading the Hobbit, so there has to be a song every chapter or so): Jesus Christ died. And He is Holy. He made the creatures on the Earth, and we love them: the animals, like the squirrels"

That's where the story ends because then it was time for dinner. I'll try to post more updates as the story develops.

p.s. Most of Maia's stories are about princesses that live in castles.

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