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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eva's New Words

These days, Eva's so good at communicating that it's almost scary. We (although certainly not the average person) can distinguish such words as "milk," "water," "pretzel," "banana," "ice," and, ok, well, those are all food/drink words. But she says other things too. For example, recently she and Maia invented a post-bath game (preferably played before donning pajamas) that's basically like tag and you yell "Gotcha!" Eva's great at saying "Gotcha!" (although she prefers to be chased rather than do the chasing). She also can now properly pronounce "Maia." This is great as the last few months have seen her confined to only the first syllable.

In the video at top, Eva shows off a few of her recent word acquisitions. The first is "ice water" (or "ice wawa"). She was so excited the day that she learned this compound that she rolled around in her crib trying to fall asleep and repeating it over and over again.

The second thing she says in this video is "I wanna bite." It's not as clear here as it usually is. Eva says this a lot because it's popsicle season here at our house. Above, Daddy shares his coconut popsicle with Eva (isn't that sweet of him?).

"Popsicle" is one of the least clear words that she says, but I've managed to figure it out. And sometimes she prefers just to have her own popsicle (above). I've been buying her the "mini" popsicles to minimize the waste and mess.

The last thing she says on this video is "bad baby." Ok, it is NOT because we routinely call her a bad baby. It comes from the Sandra Boynton album Rhinoceros Tap. There's a song called "Bad Babies," and when Eva says it here, she's actually kind of singing it the way it sounds on the cd. The context of the song is that a five year old is singing about all the "bad" things babies do, like yell, cry, get into trouble and so on. Maia and I have sometimes jokingly sung this song after Eva does something mischevious...

like climb up on the dining room table...

and make music with the chandelier.

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