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Monday, April 5, 2010

Into Mischief

Little Miss Eva has started really to delight in causing mischief. She likes to follow directions and be affirmed, but she also likes to tease us by NOT doing what we ask. For example, "Eva, come back in the kitchen with that banana" is usually met by her sprinting as fast as she can toward the living room. If she finds the gate open, she likes to get up on the stairs just a few steps, so that we'll notice her. We ask her to come back down and instead she climbs up as fast as she can. Ooh, and if she can somehow find the bathroom door open, she'll definitely try to get her hand in the toilet (even if the lid is down).

But this morning her mischief went to a whole new level, although, in her defense, Eva wasn't trying to make trouble.

I was on the treadmill, Maia was still asleep, Jeff was doing some light reading while watching Eva when... the doorbell rang twice, followed by some heavy knocking. Jeff ran down the steps with Eva and opened the door to... the police. Two officers, to be exact. And they insisted that someone in the house had called 911. They had been hung up on when they made return calls. Jeff said, no, impossible. No one has made any phone calls here this morning, and the phone never rang, either. The officers came in to have a look around, and then Jeff said that MAYBE the baby had done it. So he went upstairs, grabbed the phone and brought it down. Sure enough, a recall showed that the number 911111111111111 had been dialed. Eva also must have hung up on them when they called back.

That phone is now out of her reach. But no doubt the mischief will continue.

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