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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rediscovering Creativity

(Above, Maia and neighbor Anna coloring)

So, I'm not really the artistic type. But in the last few years, I've had plenty of opportunities to rediscover things like coloring with crayons (and markers and colored pencils), painting with watercolors, making playdough sculptures, building with blocks, and so on. I've even made a few pictures lately that were kind of decent (at a three-year old level for sure, but maybe even like a twelve-year old level). Maia was impressed... right before she improved them with a little coloring of her own. Otherwise, maybe I would have taken pictures of them and posted them on my blog. :)

A few months ago, Maia's artwork started actually looking like things - often it even looked like what she said it was. This was very exciting to Jeff and to me. In the above picture, Mary and Elizabeth stand in the sunshine with "flocks of angels" around them. Maia drew this picture about a month ago, so she's actually improved since this one. She and I had a funny conversation about whether or not people's arms protrude from their heads. ("Those are very long ears," I said. "Mom, those aren't ears, they're arms!" "Oh, do most people have arms coming out of their heads?" "No, but... where should they go?" "Maybe you could try drawing bodies, instead of just heads with legs and arms.") Now most of her figures have dresses that cover the legs extending from their chins. I think it's one step closer.

Well, of course, it couldn't be too long before little sis decided that she needed to start coloring too. So Eva's career in art commenced in the last month. Before being handed a crayon, her only coloring had been on Maia's doodler, where she could never figure out which way to hold the pen to get it to write. Crayons were a big improvement, since they write on both ends! Although Eva doesn't put quite as much time yet into her artwork, it has become an everyday activity. She seems to have mastered back-and-forth lines.

She's also figured out how to break the crayons in half - a nice occupation when the coloring gets boring. Just don't tell Maia!!!

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