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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So Big!

Eva's made leaps and bounds since she turned one last month. She's become more mischevious, for one thing. She now purposely splashes water out of the bathtub, screams at her sister, fights over toys with her sister, and sometimes hits her sister and pulls her hair (I kept warning Maia that this was going to happen if Maia wasn't nicer to her...).

In an earlier post, I mentioned that Eva spins in her dancing now. She also can walk down the stairs (holding on to Mama's hand and the handrail). Eva also is quite a little fish. She loves to jump off the pool edge and go under water for a few seconds before I grab her and pull her to the surface. In fact, someone even asked me how I had "taught" her to hold her breath... well, I didn't!

I realized the other day that our playset had a low setting, so I put the steps and the slide a notch down, and, it turns out that Eva can go up the steps and down the slide all by herself! This video proves it.

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