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Monday, January 25, 2010

No Snow, But Sleds Are Still Fun

The winter in New Jersey has been unseasonably warm... or maybe it just seems that way since I'm from the Midwest. But really, we had a 50 degree day last week that made me forget it was January! The downside of all the sunshine and above-freezing temps is a lack of snow. Maia has yet to use her purple sled in Jersey.

That, is she has yet to use it on snow. One of the girls' favorite games is Maia pulling Eva in the sled. In particular, Eva tries to stand up, and then Maia pulls the sled and knocks her backward. I'm not sure why Eva enjoys this so much...

You might notice that in Maia's mind, 41 degrees and sunny merits a skirt and short-sleeved shirt, with winter boots of course. She lasted outside like this much longer than I expected, but she did eventually get cold and go inside.

We all had muddy shoes upon re-entering the house, but it was fun nonetheless. Kids are such an aid in enjoying the outdoors!

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