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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dissertation Motivation

(above, Jeff and Maia looking at snow in Cleveland - unrelated to the following abridged dialogue which excerpts all communication about/from/to the children)

"Congratulations," Jeff said to me when I stepped in the house following my morning run. "You got into that conference."

"Oh, thanks... but how did you know?"

"I checked your email." (Yes, in our marriage, we sometimes check each other's email.)

"Why did you check my email?" I asked.

"Because I had an email saying that my paper proposal was accepted, and I wanted to make sure that you had gotten one too. I'm on the Catholicism in France panel and you're on the American Life in a Time of Reform panel."

"Oh, well, thanks," I called as I headed up to the shower with 20 minutes to go until Mass started.

"I think this will be a good thing for your dissertation - chapter 2, you know," Jeff said as I walked out the door to Mass.

Forty minutes later I stepped back into the house with 20 minutes until Maia's preschool starts. I sat down to nurse Eva, and Jeff said, "But, just so you know, we only have six weeks until we present."

"No way, Jeff, your math must be off! It's only January, and it's in March!"

"Ok, seven weeks. You have seven weeks to research, write and revise."

Ahhh, deadlines, both a curse and a blessing.

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