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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lunchtime Conversation With a Future Princess Nun

M: Was Tia Ann inside Granny Kathy's uterus?

TM: Yep.

M: What about you, were you inside Granny Kathy's uterus?

TM: Yes, I was. But Tia Ann and I weren't there at the same time. First I was there, and then after I came out, a little while later Tia Ann was in there and then she came out.

M: Just like me and Eva! First I was in your uterus, then Eva.

TM: Yes, and so, like Tia Ann and I, you'll be sisters forever. Even when you grow up and both become nuns you'll still be sisters.

M: But wait- when we grow up, I'm going to be a PRINCESS nun, and Eva will just be a regular nun!


Heart and Hands said...

Too funny! You know, in olden times most families just gave up one kid to the church ;)

Theologian Mom said...

Ah, well, if Maia's looking for a religious order that has a habit that includes a tiara and sparkly pink shoes, she probably will never make it as a nun anyway.

So, maybe Eva?

Trinita said...


We'll take both. Our garb is approved as "The modest dress of the day and our Community Pin." So, the tiara and shoes would have to be only modestly sparkly.