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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Given the Nod

I absolutely love how communicative Eva has become. In addition to now saying "duck," "mom," "dad," "ba"(nana), "hi," "bye," as well as signing a few things, Eva is an expert nodder. The first few times she did it I thought it was an accident. But now it takes just a quick game of 20 questions. For example, I walked in from my morning run. Eva, who was in the kitchen, heard the door open and came to the foyer to meet me. I kissed her and went past. She made frustrated noises as she followed me back to the kitchen. I picked her up, "Do you want something, Eva?" (Nod, nod). "What do you want - a drink from Mama?" (Nod, nod). Or at the park, she walked over to the swing, touched it with her hand and then looked at me expectantly. "Eva, do you want to swing?" (Nod, nod).

Of course, these are the times that it's easy to tell what she wants. At the dinner table tonight I asked her what she wanted and she nodded. I tried to explain to her that I had not asked a yes-no question. She looked confused, then nodded again, in the direction of the bread. I gave her some bread, which she quickly threw on the floor. She loves to watch the food drop to the floor. Hmm... not sure what she wanted there.

I should also add that she can shake her head "no," too. She doesn't do that as much, but I'm sure she'll be quite adept at "no" thanks to her sister's pedagogical influence. Maia loves telling Eva "NO" at the top of her lungs.

Anyway, in the above video, Eva nods to the question of whether she wants me to read her a book.

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