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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Few of Eva's Favorite Things

Now that Eva is "highly mobile," she's enjoying exploring the house more than ever. Here are a few of her favorite things to do.

1. Stand on the baseboard heater and peer out the window. Sometimes, if she's lucky, she gets to wave and say "hi" to our next door neighbor Margaret or her daughter Anna.

Unfortunately, Eva has a tough time reaching up to the ledge, so she has to persuade her big sister to lift her up a bit (her mom certainly is not willing to assist!). Fortunately for Eva, big sister is obliging when it comes to such things. Recently, however, I locked the window, and this has made it harder for Eva to get a good grip. But it is saving us some on our heating bill, since the window was left open a few times after Maia and Eva had a window party.

2. Destroy the kitchen. This is a broad description, so I can list particularities, as well: 1. Pull down all the dish towels. 2. Open the potholder/bib drawer and remove contents. 3. Get into the pantry and pull down all food storage containers. If possible, take lids into living room or dining room. 4. Seize Mom's sweeping as an opportunity to grab some of her leftovers from the "dirt pile." 5. Dig through recycling. 6. Remove lid from trash can.

3. Eva's third favorite thing to do around the house is try to catch a moment when the gate is down, and then furiously climb up the stairs. So far she's only made it to step four before we grab her, but she's so quick that we have to be super cautious about this one. She loves climbing the full set of stairs, but that requires a spotter!

4. Pulling down all the books off of the bookshelves. Maia loved doing this too, but fortunately, now that we live in a house instead of a tiny apartment, the only books Eva's pulling down are hers and Maia's. Mine and Jeff's are safe in their respective places.

5. Trying to get in to the front closet, especially if there's a chance to pet the vaccuum cleaner.

6. Picking out the outlet plugs. I've never seen a kid as adept at this as Eva. But the good news is that she's more interested in the plastic plug than in the outlet itself. Although, of course, those plugs are a choking hazard too. We always keep our eyes on the babe, so don't worry.

There you have it. Although it's kind of annoying to have an Eva-mess at all times, it's kind of fun to see what she thinks is interesting and entertaining.


Clara said...

Maybe you know, but they actually have child-proof electrical sockets now... I think the idea is that they only work if something is inserted into *both* sockets and not only one. Obviously a determined person could still electrocute themselves, but it'd be much harder for a child to do it by accident.

Now that we're remodeling our new place, we're discovering all these things. :)

Theologian Mom said...

Wow! Amazing. That's a great invention. Well, as I said, Eva doesn't seem interested so much in the outlets as the outlet plug, so I'm not too worried. But if I had the choice, I'd definitely get the childproof ones!