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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

After Virtue: Coffee or Tea?

Thanks to the computer problems, I've recently been finishing my first complete read of MacIntyre's After Virtue. Although I had class with him as an undergraduate, this is the first opportunity I've had to go through the text in a leisurely fashion. As I was heading upstairs to read, I asked Jeff if he thought MacIntyre went better with coffee or tea. Jeff has a lot of opinions about certain foods and certain activities, see. He can give an account of exactly which brand of pizza and toppings go best with certain movie genres.

I was leaning in the coffee direction, but Jeff insisted it was tea, due to MacIntyre's country of origin. Coffee seems more philosophical for some reason. And I'm pretty sure that Celestial Seasoning's Caramel Enchantment Chai does not fit After Virtue. I just thought I would inform my readers of this so that they might not make the same mistake. If you go for tea, do something more basic.

This reminds me of one of Maia's favorite nursery rhymes:

Molly my sister and I fell out,
and what do you think it was all about?
She liked coffee and I liked tea,
and that was the reason we couldn't agree!

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Herbie Miller said...

I'll keep the recommendation in mind!