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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eva at 10 Months!

I've been having some computer problems here, so unfortunately I have only one video to share. When Eva was ten months, one day old, she walked about eight steps in a row - the cutest thing ever. Since that day she seems to prefer walking. She really delights in it, even when she doesn't go precisely her intended direction. The video above, however, is not of Eva walking (since that video is still trapped on my frozen computer), but of Eva signing "all done."

We tried to teach Maia sign, but she's so verbal that she never signed anything she didn't also say. Eva, on the other hand, waves hi and bye, nods for yes, and now can tell us she's all done. In the above video I had asked her if she wanted more applesauce and she signed all done. I thought it was just a fluke, so I tried to feed her some more and she kept turning her head away. There she was, working so hard to communicate with a sign-word I had taught her, and it took her several attempts for me to figure it out!

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2009.Dayton said...

This is too cute Maria-I love watching your video clips of Eva and Maia!

Mary Lou