"You will be a better mom because you are a theologian, and a better theologian because you are a mom."

Is it true? In this blog, I explore the interplay and intersection of motherhood and theologianhood.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Next Sunday

The apple-picking Sunday set a pretty high standard. The next Sunday, however, was a rainy, gloomy day, but we decided to go to the zoo anyway. We were four of probably only six visitors there that day, and Maia didn't seem to be enjoying it. She said she didn't feel well.

So we left, and a couple of hours later Maia vomited all over the bathroom floor. Notice I said the bathroom floor. This was a special Sunday blessing, a gift from God to Theologian Mom. And Jeff and Maia happily took Maia's having vomited as an excuse to watch movies for the better part of the rest of the afternoon.

There you have it. Even vomit Sundays can be enjoyable and relaxing.

(Maia never had a fever or any other symptoms of illness... we think maybe she got sick from ingesting some of her lip gloss.)

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