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Monday, August 24, 2009

Small Miracles

Small miracles - like overlapping naps! That hasn't happened (excepting 5-hour car rides) in a long time! With Granny and Grandpa in town, I was able to sneak out to the public library. Yes, there is life without Internet in-house. But ours will be set up on Thursday and then I can upload some pictures and maybe videos. Anyway, as it turns out, God is in New Jersey too.

1. Anna and Anthony, 10-year old neighbors, showed up the day after move-in and played with Maia the whole day. They love kids, and were great with Eva too. Maia told me this morning, "Anna is my new best friend, but Samuel is my old best friend." Now every morning is a waiting period for Anna to come over and play. Sometimes Maia has to go knock on her door.

2. Ok, I really thought that Sunday Mass at Assumption parish was at 8:30. Turns out it was 8:00. Too bad I made everyone, including two grandmas, one grandpa, two kids and a husband rush out of the house by 8:15. But the good news is that St. Theresa's, just five minutes away from Assumption, has a 9:00. So we made it just fine. It's great living in a place with such a high Catholic population.

3. Ikea - people love it, but I didn't have the greatest experience. As a small-town girl, I was just overwhelmed. But two nightstands and one kitchen cart later, I'm not complaining. The real gift was a power screwdriver (thanks, Ramon!). Turns out putting furniture together is not SO bad if you have the right tools.

4. Using the move as a reason to get things I've been living without but could have used. Example number one is baby monitors. It's nice to put Eva to bed upstairs and be able to do something on a different floor.

5. No traffic accidents yet. That's nothing short of miraculous here, take my word for it.

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Jana Bennett said...

Thanks for the email - the movers thing sounds like a nightmare. Here's hoping that doesn't happen for us.

IKEA: Yes, I love it, but it is overwhelming, completely - even for this big city gal. Joel and I have learned that IKEA is a place just waiting for a nasty marital argument unless we time things right (AKA stop midway, and toward the end of the maze for Swedish food and desserts.) Also, it is just far better if we go with things in mind to buy. Even so, we feel oppressed, really, but all the STUFF. Yet somehow, we still like it. Maybe it has to do with the fact that nearly all our furniture is from IKEA and probably cost us $2000 (for everything). That and the coolness factor :-p