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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Maia updates

I wish I could say that Maia had passed far beyond the "terrible 2's" now that she's three, but she continues to be a mix of the best and the worst. She sleeps far too little and yells far too much, but she still says some of the cutest things in the world.

Last week at library story hour, Maia's buddy Lou was reading her a book when Maia interrupted her, "I see a Pharaoh on the wall." And, indeed, she had spotted some kind of Egypt poster. So Lou asked, "What do you know about Pharaohs, Maia?" Maia proceeded to tell her the entire story of the midwives and the Hebrew children and baby Moses being put in the water to be retrieved by the Pharaoh's daughter and given to his own mother so she could nurse him.

This past Sunday when my prayer group was over at the house, one of them commented on a studio portrait of Maia - a close-up face shot where Maia looks very serious and thoughtful. "That's a very nice photo, Maia," she said. "Yes," said Maia, "Because I was looking at the camera, and I started thinking about all the people that had died and I was just thinking about how people died and then they took the picture." No wonder she looks so serious in that shot.

During a meal in a large dining hall, Maia turned to me and asked, "Where are the stone pillars?" When I expressed confusion, she said, "You know, like when Samson was in the hall and they chained his hands to pillars. But what are pillars, anyway?"

When Maia was getting frustrated with me a couple nights ago, she yelled, "If the mighty soldiers come and get you and kill you and Daddy and leave only Eva and me, I WILL BE GLAD!!!" We can only surmise that she's referring to the mighty soldiers in the story of David and Goliath. So I guess Jeff and I are pretty safe.

Tonight after dinner, Maia was eating a red Flavorice popsicle, when she said, "I'm pretending that this juice is Jesus' blood. And I'm going to drink his blood, right out of the popsicle."

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Aimee Miller said...

She is seriously one of the wittiest 3 year olds ever!! I love these stories!