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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

25 Random Things About My Family

Now that we're all grown up (and all live in different places), it's hard to have some good quality family time. But with the *little* (read, "youngest" not shortest) bro home from Benin in Africa, my family recently took the opportunity to see each other. And that inspired me to compile this list. Families are pretty important; they really shape who we are.

1. There was one kid born in each season of the year: fall, spring, winter, summer.
2. Education was always an important value in the family. Now each member of the family currently has exactly two degrees. One member has a B.M.; all others have B.A.s. Other degrees include M.A.s, M.S.N., and J.D.
3. The children’s three spouses have eight degrees among them.
4. The differing courses of studies indicate the different careers pursued, including the legal field, the medical/health field, and music. Of course, the music guy has now become an education guy. And even before, his interests came dangerously close to my own in theology. Younger bro and I are the most likely to debate liturgical points.
5. Four of six members have blue eyes, just like my girls’ beautiful eyes! The other two are some kind of hazel, two-tone, greenish color (and I’m one of these odd-eyed folk).
6. Dinnertime conversation was a hallmark of our family life when we were growing up. Political debates and comedic routines sometimes made the meal stretch pass the hour mark.
7. Our mom sacrificed years of work at a school in order to raise us.
8. Our family pet was a dog who was privileged with a very long name: Cubby Ozark Junkyard Dog. He got his name because he looked like a bear cub (and Cubby was a name off the popular Saturday morning show the Gummi Bears).
9. Although each of the kids was “required” to take ten years of piano lessons, only two of the four actually made the full ten years. Two complained so much they were granted an early reprieve. One took the ten years and can barely play “The Little Drummer Boy.” And then one became an excellent pianist and organist, only to move to a place where there are no keyboards.
10. Although each of the kids was required to do the swimming team for a summer, only the two girls came to love competing in swimming. One excelled in butterfly, the other in breaststroke.
11. The common family skill/talent seems to be a gift for writing.
12. Mom is unquestionably the most gullible member of the family. Dad is debatably the most sarcastic.
13. Flavorice popsicles were a favorite summertime treat. Iowa sweetcorn was another summertime must.
14. We once took a family vacation (all six of us) in a tiny 1985 Dodge Aries. And we all wore seatbelts. In fact, seatbelt-wearing was never an optional thing in our family.
15. Family vacations were often the highlight of the summer. We journeyed out East (historical sites), out West (national parks), down South (for the Olympics in Atlanta!), and frequently to Chicago and the surrounding area.
16. We always thought it was cool that Dad is an identical twin, and sometimes we mistook our uncle for him.
17. We only knew two grandparents, Grandpa Ed and Grandma Sally, who lived within walking distance to our house (not that we ever wanted to walk).
18. We loved following Saturday vigil Mass with Breadeaux Pisa pizza.
19. Christmas Eve was one of the best days of the whole year since Santa came during Mass instead of waiting for the morning.
20. The kids all knew that Dad’s office was the best place to do homework. And Dad was a great person to ask if there was a history question. He also made sure that final papers were printed on bonded paper.
21. There was always plenty of fruit to munch on in our house.
22. The parents went on a trip (minus the kids) with each pregnancy: Europe, Vegas, Hawaii, Caribbean.
23. The front swing was always a good spot for conversation.
24. The kids’ marriages have happened in age order, starting with the oldest.
25. Mom always said she wanted to give us wings. She did, and then we all flew away.

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