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Monday, March 9, 2009

Dance Your Dissertation

Awhile back on NPR there was a story about an international competition where students danced their Ph.D. dissertation. If you go to youtube, you can find a fine selection of these. In my opinion, it's a bit of a debate whether it's more hilarious to read the titles of people's dissertations or to see them dancing them (especially the chemistry ones!!!). The title of the dissertation dance winner in the post-doc category, for example, is "mRNA Stability Regulation as a Drug Target: mRNA stability cross-screening and molecular mechanisms in post-transcriptional regulation resolved by quantitative biology."

My brother thinks that I could do a great dance based on my M.A. thesis title "Pornography and Penance." I don't think I'll try. But maybe I'll get to work on thinking of how to dance my dissertation, that is, after I get to work on taking my qualifying exam.

Anyway, below you'll find one dance your dissertation that actually made a lot of sense, i.e. it was clear (even to me) what was going on.

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