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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Lives in Philadelphia Chickens Songs

You know how sometimes songs just really seem to reflect your life? Well, recently we rediscovered our Sandra Boynton Philadelphia Chickens album. And so I'd like to share the songs that best represent our lives.

Eva: "Snoozers" (Only Part I)

We like to snooze in the morning.
We like to snooze all day.
We like to snooze whenever we choose,
snoozing our cares away.
We like to snooze in the summer.
We like to snooze in the spring.
With the wintertime blues,
we snooze and snooze,
snoozing like anything.
Snooze in the sun.
Snooze in the rain.
Snooze in the fog and snow.
It can be amusing to see us snoozing,
Snoozing wherever we go.
Yes, Eva sleeps more than I ever knew a baby could. She snoozes anywhere, anytime, in virtually any position. And despite sleeping most of the day away, she still sleeps all night (aside from nursing). If all babies slept as much as she does and cried as little as she does, people would be more eager to have babies.

Maia: "I Like to Fuss"

Mostly I am pleasant. Mostly I am good.

I answer you politely, just as you say I should.

Yes, mostly I am perfect. You don't hear me complain.

But after so much sunshine, we need a little rain.

I like to fuss. I like to moan. I like to stand on my chair and say,
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Don't bother me.

I like to grump. I like to brood. I like to stomp all around in a truly terrible mood.

When everybody, more or less, tells me to stop, I go.

When everybody says the answer is yes, I find myself saying, no, no, no!

I like to gripe. I like to whine. And I refuse to share whatever is mine. I won't share.

Not nice. Not fair. And if you don't like it, I say I don't care. I DON'T CARE. (Etc.)

Yes, Maia's still adjusting to having a little sister. Or rather, she's adjusting to NOT being the center of the universe. Add that to being cooped up in the house during winter, and the normal difficulties of being a two (almost three) year old, and she finds herself singing these lyrics almost every day. In the above picture, Maia refused to put on her winter coat or wear any gloves. Her playing in the snow lasted about two minutes. This trend of not wanting to wear her winter coat is nothing new. I think relatives and friends alike were a little surprised (shocked? apalled?) at Eva's baptism that we took Maia to Church with no coat on (it was in the car). Well, we just can't fight over everything. If she wants to be cold, she can be cold.

Jeff: "BusyBusyBusy"

We're very very busy and we've got a lot to do and we haven't got a minute to explain it all to you for on SundayMondayTuesday there are people we must see and on WednesdayThursdayFriday we're as busy as can be with our most important meetings and our most important calls and we have to do so many things and post them on the walls.

THEN we have to hurry to the south and then we urry north and we're talking every minute as we hurry back and forth and w ehave to hurry to the east and then we hurry west and ewe're talking every minute and we don't have time to rest and we have to do it faster or it never will be done and we have no time for listening or anything that's fun.

FOR we're very very busy and we've got a lot to do and we haven't got a minute to explain it all to you...

AND we have to hurry to the left, and then we hurry right, and we're talking every minute as we hurry day and night and we have to have our lunches though we don't have time to chew and we have to order many things in grya and navy blue but we think supplies are limited so we'll call the operators who are surely standing by.

NOW we have to hurry far away and then we hurry near and we have to hurry everywhere and be both there and here and we have to send out messages by e-mail phone and fax and we're tlaking every minute and we really can't relax and we think there is a reason to be running neck-and-neck and it must be quite important but we don't have time to check. (Etc.)

Last year, this song really applied to me. But this year (although I still have to try to combine exercise with the kids (yes, we went for a walk in 25 degree weather, photo above)), the song applies to Jeff. He's teaching a 4-4 load, applying for jobs, going to on-campus interviews, teaching RCIA some weekends, writing rec letters, etc.

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