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Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Eva!

Here's little Eva's first picture! I think she'll continue to become more photogenic as time goes on.

I've noticed that people are usually quite convicted about the finding-out-the-sex, not-finding-out-the-sex issue. In fact, people often seem so staunchly opinionated as to make it seem as though it's a moral issue rather than one of personal preference. Are there any moral reasons for not finding out the sex? I have yet to be convinced, (although I have heard moral arguments against ultrasounds in general). I'm a planner, and that's the main reason I wanted to know. But I also really like being able to refer to the child by name. That would have been harder if Eva was a boy; we didn't have a boy's name chosen yet. "Eva" is a family name; my husband's great-grandmother. It also has Marian associations (Mary is the new Eve, Eva is "ave" backwards, etc.). My husband will probably sometimes call her by her Hebrew name, "Havah."

However, we're still undecided on the middle name. If the child is born on December 12th (which is one of the tentative due dates), then I think we really will go with "Guadalupe." Wouldn't it be fun to call our baby "Lupita"? On the other hand, I don't think the 13th will merit the name "Lucy."

Sometimes I wish that we'd had a naming strategy early on. We have friends that are going Old Testament-New Testament-Early Church-Medieval Church and so on through the time periods. So far they have their OT son Samuel and their OT daughter Ruth. The next round will be NT names (Mary and Simon, perhaps?). They are hoping to end the family with Dorothy (after Dorothy Day).

Anyway, we're happy with Eva, both the name and the child. Right now she's very quiet (something we will long for in January), although she already kicks me a lot. Maia is also happy with Eva. Even before we knew it was Eva in the womb, Maia named one of her dolls Eva. So she and I both have baby Evas. And Maia gives kisses to both of them.


Thomistic Seminar said...

I've heard that it's tough not to find out the sex of your child, even if you don't want to. The technicians tend to slip and use the correct pronouns even if you tell them that you don't want to know.

That said, I'm one person who *doesn't* have strong feelings about that issue. If it were my first child, I think it might be fun to let it be a birthday surprise, but hey, it'll be exciting no matter when you find out, right?

I actually had a question, though. How did you settle on 'Maia'? It's somewhat unusual. Is that a family name too?

Theologian Mom said...

Maia was my dad's nickname for me. It's Maria without the "r," so we consider it to be a Marian name, although lots of languages will claim it... it's sanskrit for "illusion," and in the Septuagint it's the word for midwife. Hence it's a popular Greek and Indian name for girls. But we didn't realize it was a popular American name when we chose it. Like I said, it was my dad's nickname for me for ten years prior to our daughter!

Theologian Mom said...

By the way, when I said that "Maia" is a popular American name, I meant that we run into little girls named Maia/Maya/Mya all the time. In fact, at our pediatrician in Dayton, there is another Maia with our same last name. We discovered this when they called to confirm an appointment that was actually for the other Maia. She's a few years older, I think, so hopefully they can at least keep the records straight!

Clara said...

Ah, well, that happens to the best of us. My parents claim that my name was really uncommon when they picked it out as the name of their first daughter... then I don't think I had a single class in school without another 'Rachel' in it.

I was just curious, because I wasn't aware of there being a St. Maia.

Theologian Mom said...

Ah, well, she is a saint in the making!

Dr. N said...

Very exciting ya'll. I love the name.

Clara said...

"Ah, well, she is a saint in the making!"

Indeed! That's what I said about "Rachel" -- I need them to canonize me, to get that one into the lists of the saints.

Can't recall if I ever told you this, but that's where the "Claire" (which I then Latinized when I started blogging) came from. The priest wouldn't baptize me with just my given name, because there's no St. Rachel. He said I could keep the "Rachel" in there but asked me to add a saint's name to it, and since I had already picked "Francis" for a confirmation name, I said he might as well add "Claire" and make it an Assissi party. Of course I only use the latter as a blogging name, but in the rolls of Heaven, I'm sure there's a "Claire" attached. :)