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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Passover, Second Birthday

(Above, Maia eating matzoh in her "My First Passover" bib)
These past few days have been important for Maia. She celebrated her first Passover (my husband is a convert and we were with his dad and step-mom), had her first haircut, and celebrated her second birthday. This was actually my first Passover as well, but apparently I didn't merit a bib. The seder was a little long for Maia, so her Tia Claire let her play during part of it. She accidentally discovered the afikomen (the hidden matzoh) a bit early.

(Above, Maia the chef makes a smoothie in her new kitchen blender)
Grandpa had hidden the afikomen in Maia's new kitchen - a gift for her second birthday. I requested this gift on Maia's behalf because I was getting tired of her dragging my pots, pans and bowls into the living room. So far I think she has really appreciated the gift. Today I walked into the living room to find that she had pulled the sink out of her kitchen and put it on her new table (another grandparent gift). She was holding her cat over the sink in her left hand and holding a cup in her right hand.

(Above, Maia gets tea together for Shana and the cat prior to their baptisms in the sink)
"Maia, what are you doing?" I asked. "Baptizing the cat," she said. Yes, in only a few days her sink had become a baptistry. "Pouring water," she explained. So I went over to help her, you know, just to assure that she had a Trinitarian formula and all. Later, however, we had a little baptismal argument. She had already baptized her Cabbage Patch doll Shana (another grandparent gift), but apparently wanted to do it again. I tried to explain that Catholics don't re-baptize. Then I wondered why I was bothering to argue. After all, she had only pretended to use water, so in that sense neither the cat's baptism nor Shana's was really valid. Not to mention that it wasn't clearly a desperate situation calling for an extraordinary minister of the sacrament. Not to mention Shana and the cat are toys.

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