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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Trip to the Creation Museum

(Here Maia imagines the joy of dinosaur-human coexistance.)

My Evangelical Historiography class took a field trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Wow! What a day! Although the museum is probably only 15 miles from Cincinnatti, I have to admit that upon approaching it, it had a sort of an "out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere" feeling. So you can imagine our surprise when we pulled into the parking lot (at 10:00 a.m.) to find it packed with cars. Uniformed security was actually directing parking traffic in order to facilitate the large crowd. We were greeted on the outside by a huge dinosaur, and greeted on the inside with a $20 admission fee per adult. After our group purchased tickets, we waited in the first of many lines. This particular line was to get our picture taken, pretending to be afraid of dinosaurs. Then we waited in line to see a satirical movie called "Men in White." This production was in a special effects theater...with the whole deal - trembling chairs, blasts of water (during the flood, of course), lightning, etc.! Maia wasn't too scared, thankfully, and she really liked the rain: "More rain, Mommy, more rain!!!"
The movie was certainly entertaining. It made fun of how schools present evolution and science as neutral fact - exaggerated, of course, but not altogether inaccurate. But it was interesting how the angels who demonstrated the problems with evolution were kind of "country-folk" angels. They were dressed all in white, of course (hence the title), but they were wearing long john tops, overalls, and sneakers. One even had a pretty heavy accent (I can't think of a politically correct adjective to describe it, so I'll let you imagine). I would have thought the museum would want to eliminate those stereotypes of creationists as backwards and uneducated... but I'm not sure those angels will do the trick! The basic message of the movie seemed to be, "Don't let 'science' detract from your belief in God. God exists, and creation happened in six days."

After "Men in White," Jeff milled around the Dragon's Hall bookstore. Meanwhile, Maia looked at the presentation of animated prelapsarian dinosaurs munching veggies and peaceably coexisting with humans.
Then it was on to our next line, this time for the planetarium. Once inside we kicked back and were presented with the argument for why the study of astronomy should not detract from belief in a 6-day creation. It was tough trying to keep Maia still for 30 minutes, so I couldn't tell you the details of the argument - something about stars in the galaxy and universe being younger than we think.After that stellar presentation, it was onto the museum itself! Or, at least the line for it. We had heard the museum was like Disney World... no kidding! We probably spent about forty minutes in line waiting to get into the exhibit. Once inisde, we encountered Adam and Eve - their pleasant prelapsarian life, their deception, their fall, their toil in labor, etc. We saw Cain killing Abel. We got to experience Noah's building of the Ark and the tremendous flood that, according to the Creation Museum, left all those fossils everywhere.Martin Luther also made an appearance in the museum, nailing his theses onto the church door. I'm sure that's related to a 6-day creation somehow, but with chasing Maia I didn't get to read the sign carefully. I seem to recall it had something to do with access to the Bible. There was much, much more, but I think I'll cut my account short and just note that the museum closed with a movie entitled "The Last Adam," which presented Jesus' saving once-for-all sacrifice. In their words, Jesus' "It is finished," has made our debt "paid in full." And I'll leave you with one more image and also a video. First, the sign shows that the museum is not compltely closed to evolution . (Shouldn't the sign say, "This space is yet to be created"? I guess it can't say that since creation was a 6-day thing.) The video is of our close encounter with a postlapsarian, carnivorous dinosaur.


derekhatch said...

Actually, that space has yet to be intelligently designed.

Clara said...

But you don't really tell us... as a criticism of evolutionary theory, how effective was it? Or was it mainly just setting up a "rival story" without (except in that opening movie) critiquing Darwinists per se?

As you presumably realize, whatever one thinks about the origin of species, there's certainly plenty to criticize in the Darwinist camp. Though I can't see that Martin Luther has much to do with it.

Deb said...

OK, I'll say it. Hollywood has consistently used a heavy southern drawl as shorthand for "ignorant, uneducated." It's in commercials, talks shows, movies, everyone does it.

Ahem. Anyway, I keep being surprised by how many people think that a literal interpretation of Genesis is official Catholic dogma.

Jaakonpoika said...

Ever saw figures of Dinoglyfs & Dinolits documented by man in the historical era:

Here's one's critique against the current dating convention:

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